Drie Nijmeegse vrienden die een liefde hebben voor de 90's rave sound gecombineerd met house, tech house, techno en breakbeats.

    • Techno
    • House
    • Rave
    • Tech House
    • combi van house, tech house
    • Producer
    • DJ
  • Nijmegen


We are three friends from Nijmegen and grew up in the ninetie. This is where we developed our big love for house music and especially old school rave house sounds. Individually we all have been active in the dance scene for many years, such as dj’ing, producing music and organizing house parties.

Thus we combined our forces and started to create tracks together called #RAVEHOUSE. Our mission is to revive the rave house sound of the good old days. Our release “Beautiful” on Unbelievable Records (Italy) was received very well and is supported by Riva Star, Paco Osuna, Robert Owens, Horse Meat Disco and Christian Varela.




  • Jochem

    • Nijmegen, Nederland

    DJ - Andere - DJ, Producer

  • Koen

    • Nijmegen, Nederland

    DJ - Elektronica - DJ, producer

  • Chiel

    • Nijmegen, Nederland

    DJ - Andere


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