Matthew Red

Matthew Red

Matthew Red is a 21 year old Alternative/ indie pop artist whom guides you through emotions you've never understood before.

    • Indie Pop
    • Alternative
    • Producer
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  • Kampen


Matthew Red is a writer & producer that wants to take you on a trip to faraway worlds with his music. Fueled by his curiosity, he explores the world of emotions. He sings about topics such as: finding yourself, overthinking, jealousy, fear and exasperation. To become the bridge between feeling and understanding your emotions is his goal as he believes in connection through understanding. He makes Alternative/Indie pop inspired by artists like Froukje, Adele & Jacob Collier that engulfs you in an ocean of feelings.


Matthew Red played on multiple stages and participated in a variety of Talent Development Programs. In both 2020 and 2021 Matthew won the first price in the category 'Music' during Kunstbende Overijssel. He also played on the MainStage of 'Bevrijdingsdag Overijssel' as a break act and he performed one of his songs on RTV Oost on SPUNCK. He participated in talent development programs such as: Popsport Gelderland, Talenthouse (producer and Songwriter at Burgerweeshuis), Songcamp (Poppunt Overijssel), Songwriting Boodcamp (The Songwriting Academy) and Ready to release (studio 15 Almelo). Matthew also received a price of Artist of the Year 2021 at studio 15 after he was voted to first place by the audience and fans watching from home.




  • Matthew Red

    • 22
    • Kampen, Nederland

    Elektronica - Stem

  • Jesse Burke

    • 19
    • Deventer, Nederland


  • Mathijs Klinkhamer

    • 17
    • Deventer, Nederland


  • Jan Bel

    • 21
    • Deventer, Nederland


  • Lieke van Woerden

    • 17
    • Deventer, Nederland



  • Imagine Music Experience NL Finals (Muziek Gieterij)

    Maastricht, Nederland

  • Full color Festival Kampen

  • Bevrijdingsfestival Overijssel

    Zwolle, Nederland

  • Burgerweeshuis Talenthouse Showcase Songwriting 2023

    Deventer, Nederland

  • Optreden bij SPUNCK op RTV Oost


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