ESMÉ combines her curiosity for electronic pop with her love for modern R&B music. Her music is imbued with her own sound that is deeply rooted in her personality and experiences.

    • Experimental
    • Ambient
    • Pop
    • Elektronische pop/ moderne rnb
    • Solo
  • Almelo


Her 2016 win at The Voice Kids Holland led to involvement with various pop groups, including an international J-pop adventure in collaboration with Afrojack and Japanese entertainment company LDH. She grew up in a small town in the east of Holland and at the age of 16, she moved to Rotterdam to pursue her dream as a member of an international girl group. She gained a lot of experience in Japan and Los Angeles. However, in 2022 she made the decision to leave the group, enrolled at the Conservatory and started looking for her own sound. In her artistic journey, ESMÉ strives to go beyond established concepts and free herself from prescribed paths. She believes in the importance of breaking through established patterns, embracing the freedom that comes from exploring unknown territory.




  • Kølder

    • 19
    • Meppel, Nederland

    Elektronica - Producer



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