Chico Arts

    • Hiphop
    • Producer
  • Nijmegen


Yes, it is my real name... 26 years old kicking' it from Nijmegen!

I've been making music/producing since I was a kid. I began my music explorations heavily inspired by Jazz 'n Hip Hop, but also Latin 'n Electronic music. I like to fascinate myself about life and am a bit of a dreamer. I like the precise 'n the cool. but also the abstract 'n goofy way of looking at music. The Funk has got to be there!

I have had the opportunity to work with a few artists here 'n there for their projects, these artists range from: poets to dancers, videographers, musicians, rappers 'n fellow producers. I like to keep it broad and also combine these different art forms, music-wise n collaboration-wise.

Next to producing and loving music, I also love the scene n try to give my all for it. At Beatwise Nijmegen I work as an admin and project leader to try my best to enable kids in the city to share n grow their talents, together with a beautiful team of fellow artists and music lovers.

On top of that, I really love food and especially making it! The last 6 years I have been a pizza-chef and recently I started to cater my food at events 'n meetups!


People I work with, have worked with:

Kha' lil








DRMKT (LWKbeats)

Jesse Laport

Jeroen Antoine



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