Ayya Ites

Ayya Ites

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Ayya Ites is one of the upcoming reggae / dancehall artists from Holland. He is already known in the Dutch reggae scene by his concious lyrics and songs like Give Thanks n praise Confuzed City, Money fi spend Ganjah Store and more. His love for music started from a young age. Ayya Ites loved listen to music every day but he got inspired by listening to Reggae and Dancehall music from various artists like Sizzla Kalonji, Capleton, Jah Mason, Teflon and many more.. The passion for reggae music was growing more and more. In the year 2009, Ayya Ites started his first recording with an artist called Benaïssa from the Jah Solid Rock Familiy based in Arnhem, Holland. Here they produced his first tune called 'Soddom and Gomorrow. Ayya Ites received many positive feedback of this track, from various artists and reggae fans in Holland. The link with Jah Solid Rock was made and the second recording was a fact. He recording his second song with a man called by the name of Mr. Patze. This track 'Ganjah Store" was also a succesfull collaboration and it get many views on YouTube. Since 2010, Ayya Ites went recording solo and in a few weeks he produced his first song 'Friendz". This track became a big hit on YouTube and it get many airplay by various soundsystems.. The year 2010 was a succesfull year for this youthman. He also did differents shows in the Heineken Music Hall, Melkweg and other populair venues in Holland. Right now 2014 Ayya Ites is coming up with his new 2nd mixtape which is been long waited on by the name RASTARISTIC this mixtape will be coming out soon late February. This lifefull mixtape full of melody enegectic flows there Will be 11 explosive tracks on the mixtape RASTARISTIC. All dancehall lovers/supporters Strickly going to love this long waited on mixtape RASTARISTIC from Ayya Ites.. Sungs lik Radio, Stay Alive, Always love you Will be on mixtape.



  • Ayya Ites

    • Arnhem, Nederland



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