Producer | Sounddesigner | DJ from the Netherlands. Produces Trance, Progressive, Ambient and House. Makes Synthesizer soundsets with software Sylenth1.

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  • Nijmegen


Producer | Sound Designer | DJ from the Netherlands.

Sander Bastiaans aka Aquasoul is an up and coming Dutch producer that mainly produces Trance, Progressive House and Progressive.

His artist name hints at his deep connection with the sea.

On of the main inspirations for his music are the sea and bright summer days.

Something that can be heard in most of his music.

He has a musical background with singing and drumming which he did for a while in a band and in a choir.

For Sander, music is not just a creative outlet, its a way of living.

His musical interest is broad but his passion lies with trance music.

Ultimately, it resulted in making the decision to start with music production himself with Ableton Live.

Early production days(2011/2016):

The first years that Sander was producing music he was mostly focused on orchestral pieces.

He wanted to find unique chord progressions which would later be used in his productions.

These years were basically about messing around with the software and were used as some sort of escapism.

It helped him manage some challenging periods in his early adult life.


He started releasing music in 2017 and grew deeply attached to the music industry.

His first release in 2017 was a progressive house track ‘Feelings In The Sun’ on ReState Records(Exia Recordings). It got attention from a local media company which gave him the opportunity to give an interview about it which was a great way to start his career.

In 2019, he released his first trance track ‘Air Castles’ on Biscayne Recordings owned by famous producer and DJ Elevation from Coldharbour Recordings.

He released some more tracks after that but decided in 2022 that he wanted to spend more time working on other aspects of his music career and improve himself more broadly.

In 2023, he founded his own music company which is planned to go online later in 2024.

Later in 2024, he is coming back with new releases after having spent extensive hours working on his craft.

Besides music production, Sander has a strong passion for sound design.

His specialty at the moment lies with VST software Sylenth1 and he is aiming to release his own soundset for Sylenth1 in the near future which is primarily focused on progressive trance.

Currently he is learning modular synthesis.

He has released on:

  • •Biscayne Recordings
  • •ReState Records(Exia Recordings)
  • •Exia Recordings
  • •Redux Magic(Redux Recordings)



  • Sander Bastiaans

    • 31
    • Nijmegen, Nederland

    Elektronica - Synthesizer


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