Alien Terrarium

Alien Terrarium

Alien Terrarium brings dark and deep vibrancy when serving their music. Experimentation is key to mastery, so be prepared for unexpected changes. Enjoy the trip.

    • Techno
    • Minimal
    • Minimal Techno
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Alien Terrarium, featuring Anfisa & Teo, is a dynamic DJ duo from Enschede, Netherlands, known for their captivating dark and groovy minimal techno. Their musical odyssey began four years ago, evolving from mere listeners to pioneers in the local electronic music scene.

Driven by a passion for electronic beats, they quickly transitioned from enjoying music to creating it, constantly experimenting and surprising their audience with unexpected twists.

Now, with a focus on music production, Alien Terrarium is not just spinning tracks but crafting them, infusing their performances with deep, resonant sounds and creative flair.

Get ready for an electrifying experience with Alien Terrarium, where every performance is a unique journey through dark, vibrant soundscapes.


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